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Lauryn is a recent University of Tampa graduate, where she majored in Exercise Physiology and minored in Applied Dance. She grew up in New Jersey, and the sunshine state called her name when it was time to go off to college! Being a dancer for most of her life, Lauryn found her passion for movement at a young age and began her fitness journey in high school. She began doing workout videos that she found on YouTube and started running to tone up. Quickly working out became much more than just “toning up” and looking good - Lauryn loved how she felt after working out. She loved seeing progress and realizing just how strong her body really was. However still being fairly young at the time, she experienced some negatives of the fitness world where aesthetics were emphasized, perhaps a little too much. Of course we want to workout to keep our bodies fit, but Lauryn knew this was not what living a healthy lifestyle was all about - there are so many more important levels to living a healthy, balanced life.

Through the ups and downs she experienced in the fitness industry, she was passionate to build a career helping people work on being their healthiest and happiest selves, emphasizing the importance of self love, self care, and individuality. Being fit looks different on everyone, which should be celebrated! Lauryn believes that fitness is not just about how you look, and has much more to do with how you feel and how you perform on a daily basis. To her, exercise is an important part of taking care of your mental health. A fit body is nothing without a fit, happy mind! 

Lauryn’s goal is to find what works best for each person’s lifestyle and goals to create sustainable changes that lead to healthy habits. When Lauryn isn’t coaching at PC Fit Body, her hobbies include running, yoga, hiking, traveling, writing, and photography. Fun fact: Lauryn’s been a vegetarian/vegan for years! Ask her all about how to add in more plant based foods to your healthy lifestyle.