Hi! My name is Steven Robledo. I am a strong believer of physical activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My passion stems from growing up athletic, playing sports and has continued to grow through my recent experiences in the fitness industry and equipment. My drive is to assist people by leading them to the of physical fitness in order to live their life to its best potential.

For the last several years I have worked for a fitness equipment company and have been heavily involved in attending multiple conferences yearly. Through each conference I have been privileged to continue to gain knowledge and understand the direction in which not only the fitness industry is going but the fitness equipment industry is headed as well. With all the new tech gear developed in recent years the industry has become not only polluted, but mis-directed in what works.

Strength and Conditioning has been a major component in my training. In relation to strength and conditioning, functional movements are two words that have gain a lot of traction within the industry. I have been lucky enough to work with schools and colleges on how training methods and protocols are developed. In training coaches on equipment, the concern that arises is how movements translate to the field or just an active lifestyle. Maintaining focus on physical fitness with functional movements have greatly helped in how we train everyone. Through these experiences its help me gain a better understanding of being able to provide others with the best results. While also keeping in its not just about trying to push someone to fitness but rather guide them all the way along the path. Everyone is different in how they find the path to fitness.

I want to help people develop healthy habits and gain knowledge about physical wellbeing. It’s important to me that I help others with functionalities. Everyone should be able to perform daily task without struggle. Assisting others gaining control of unhealthy habits and developing more positive outlooks on fitness as a whole. Unhealthy eating habits are the continuing battles for the majority of us. Physical well-being is measured by how much the person themselves value it. Personally, I want for every person to value their well being extremely high.